Orbis is fiercely committed to authentic dialogue. We’ve designed Orbis Salons as a forum for civic discussion and collaboration around global issues that might appear on the surface to be intractable but issues that we must address together.


Salons allow Orbis to create a space that is truly dynamic and civil so that ideas and perspectives can be shared with the goal of deepening our collective understanding. We are not vested in the answers as much as we are curious and courageous enough to ask the right questions.


Orbis Salons provide a consistent platform to engage diverse citizen groups in a wide range of activities, workshops, and dialogues across a range of global issues. The salon formats will vary in nature based on the subject matter but will include film screenings, lectures, round-table discussions, and creative expression. The Salons are designed to inspire you to move from dialogue and education to organizing and action.


Orbis Fellows are launching a series of dialogues that will take up the issues of our time (economic justice, environmental sustainability, and education, and more.)


The Orbis International House is a Victorian home located one block from City Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, CO. We have seven young leaders living and working in the house and a beautiful lecture hall for community events. Learn more by visiting the International House page



Orbis is built on partnerships. As a small organization with a big vision we count on the expertise and network of our community partners to help manifest the Orbis vision.


If you are an organization or individual with a particular passion or expertise on an issue and would like to present your ideas for a Salon to Orbis, or ff you would like to get involved as a volunteer, financial sponsor, in-kind contributor or champion, please do not hesitate to contact us