Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be in Denver to participate in the Fellowship ?

Orbis is looking for Fellows who are already planning to be living and working in Denver by the start of the program. Orbis does not currently have the capacity to arrange for travel, visa, or employment for Fellows.


How many Fellows will be living at the International House?

There are typically 7 Fellows living at the house at any given time


Will I have my own private room?

Yes, every Fellow living at the house will get their own room.


Why does the program cost vary from $485-$750?

There are 3 different rooms sizes and to remove any sense of unfairness about who was in what room, we created a program/rent fee structure:

$485 (small room) $650 (medium room) $750 (large room)


Will I have to pay for electric/water/heating/internet bills?

The program/rent fee covers all these items.


How long will Fellows live at the International House?

The residency is programmed for 12 months.


What if I can’t stay for the entire year?

If you are unable to complete the entire 12 months, we are able to work with you, but ask that you tell us in well in advance.


What is the time commitment I need to make to be a Fellow?

Fellows should plan to dedicate approximately 5 hours per week for Fellowship related activities. This is a guideline, not a requirement. If things come up at work or in life that prevent you from doing an activity every now and then, we understand.


Do Fellows get paid?

The Fellowship is not a paid position. Fellows are young professionals who are already working and choose to live at the Orbis International House because they want to be a part a unique community of social activists, entrepreneurs, and organizers.


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